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Admin Tome is a blog where you can find highly technical articles on anything ranging from cloud and devops to agile and scrum.

Deploying Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana with puppet

By Bill Ward on April 19, 2017

I walked you through the hard way of deploying an ELK stack using packages. This can be error prone and really doesn’t ring well with current DevOps/Infrastructure as Code mantra. So this post will help you accomplish the same setup but using Puppet for configuration management.

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Sending Openstack logs to Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana (ELK stack) - UPDATED

By Bill Ward on April 19, 2017

In this post we enable more robust monitoring of our Openstack cluster by sending our Openstack logs to an ELK Stack (Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana). It’s a lot easier than you might think. Read on to find out how easy…

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Openstack home lab for cheap

By Bill Ward on April 17, 2017

In this short post I will be covering how I designed and built my Openstack cloud for cheap ( less than $300 ).

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Mesos Docker Container Configuration

By Bill Ward on April 12, 2017

Mesos comes with it’s own container technology which is pretty cool in and of itself but it also has the option to make use of Docker to manage containers. This opens up a lot of possibilites for your mesos cluster.

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