Easily move your repos from GitHub to GitLab

Easily move your repos from GitHub to GitLab

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2018)

Wanting to jump the GitHub ship due to Microsoft’s purchase of GitHub?  This post will help you migrate GitHub to GitLab.

With Microsoft’s purchase of Github, many users are jumping ship and wanting to move their repositories elsewhere.  Gitlab is a great option as it has many CI/CD options built in.

Register at Gitlab

If you have not already, you will need to go to Gitlab and register for a new account.  Alternatively, you can install your own Gitlab server and follow these same instructions.

Gitlab will send you a confirmation email where you will need to click a link to activate your account.  Sign back in with the username and password you entered and you are all set.

Migrate GitHub to GitLab

Click on Create a project

You will see the New project page.  Click the Import project tab.

Next click the GitHub button

Click on the List your GitHub repositories button.

This will ask you to approve Gitlab’s access to your Github repositories.  Click the Authorize button.

At this point you will see a screen listing all your GitHub repositories.  You can either import all the repos by clicking this button:

Or import select repos like below:

After clicking the import button the repo is automatically imported to Gitlab.

At this point you are done and safely out of Microsoft’s grasp.  You will of course still need to update your git origins to match Gitlab’s URL for your individual repos and upload your SSH keys to Gitlab in order to push commits.

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