How to Get a Better Job

By Bill Ward | December 30, 2017

Getting a better job in Information Technology doesn’t have to be hard. My course Launch Your IT Career will make it easy.

For years I struggled with bouncing around from job to job, unhappy with my work. I took any IT job I could get which usually meant phone support jobs. I hate phone support and therefor hated going to work everyday. I struggled with tring to get a better job in IT. I thought that certifications were the answer but they are only a small piece of the puzzle.

Launch Your IT Career Course

I finally found a solution that enabled me to get the job of my dreams and made a course to help you get the IT job of your dreams.

Lesson 1 - Resume Writing Tips

Learn how to make your resume stand out in the crowd. Highlight your skills and experience in a format that IT managers expect.

Lesson 2 - How To Get Experience

Learn how to get experience without spending years at contract positions. I give you tips that can help anyone get experience in Information Technology quickly.

Lesson 3 - Learn How To Network

Networking is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get your dream job in I.T. In this lesson I teach you how to network effectively.

Lesson 4 - Get Noticed On LinkedIn

If you are looking for a job then no other website will help you more than LinkedIn. In this lesson, I show you how complete your profile and make it stand out.

Lesson 5 - Best Job Sites

Not all job search sites are the same. In this lesson you learn which ones are the best and won’t send you a ton of spam.

Lesson 6 - Interviewing Tips

In the last and probably most important lesson, I show you how to ace any interview. Learn how to be confident and well prepared. Learn what interviewers are looking for when they are interviewing you.

launch your IT career

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