(Last Updated On: July 4, 2018)

On September 14, Red Hat announced Quickstart Cloud Installer which promises to enable organizations to be able to deploy private clouds in a matter of hours.

From their press release “With the web-based, graphical QuickStart Cloud Installer, users can orchestrate the installation of Red Hat Cloud Suite components from a single interface. As a result, users can access a fully functional private cloud environment with pre-defined default configurations within mere hours as shown by Red Hat testing.”

Installing an enterprise class cloud infrastructure is no easy task, so Red Hat’s announcement sounds really exciting. Using Quickstart Cloud Installer you can install many components of Red Hat’s Cloud Suite Components:

  • Red Hat Cloudforms
  • Red Hat Openshift Container Platform
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Red Hat Satellite
  • Red Hat Virtualization


Red Hat aligned their release with OpenStack Mitaka Release which from their press release has the following improvements:

  • Simplified Manageability
  • Greater Scalability
  • Improved User Experience

Quickstart Cloud Installer promises to make many system administrator’s life easier by simplifying private cloud installations to a matter of hours.

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