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EMACS REST Client for Python Web API Testing

In previous posts, I covered writing a Python REST API.  In this article, we will test our API from within EMACS!  We are going to install an EMACS rest client to do our testing.  This will cut down your development time because you can do everything from one IDE (EMACS) and not have to switch […]


Using Git in EMACS with Magit

In this post we are going to learn how to use Magit in EMACS to perform git operations within EMACS.  This is going to be a quick introduction to show you the basics of using the most common git commands with Magit.  Magit is very encompassing with its git command coverage.  You can do almost […]


Using Github Gist in EMACS

In this post, I will show you how you can work with Github Gist in EMACS.  This is useful for saving snippets of code straight from EMACS. Installing Github Gist for EMACS Our first step will be to install the gist.el package for EMACS.  First we need to list all the packages. Find the gist.el […]



In this post, learn how to configure EMACS/VIM to provide syntax highlighting for Terraform files. Out of the box neither VIM nor EMACS have syntax highlighting for terraform files. Both VIM and EMACS have support for it through addons, however. EMACS Since EMACS is my personal favorite, I will start with it. Support for terraform […]