Introduction to Kubernetes for Developers Course

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COMING SOON – “Introduction to Kubernetes for Developers”

Introduction to Kubernetes for Developers

In this course, you will learn about what Kubernetes is and how to use it from a developer’s perspective.  You will learn about how to deploy your application to a Kuberenetes cluster using Windows, Linux, or a Mac.  After completing this course you will be able to successfully deploy your application to Kubernetes.  This course makes use of Minikube to make installation of Kubernetes a breeze.

fade-leftfade-rightYou will learn:


  • Docker deep-dive
  • Creating Helm Charts to make deploying your application a breeze
  • Creating a CI/CD pipeline to automate testing and get your code to production faster.
  • Using a private docker registry with Kubernetes
  • Connecting to multiple Kuberenetes clusters from your development system
  • And more!

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