Installing Apache Spark on Ubuntu 17.10

This post is a continuation into my adventures in learning Big Data. We will be installing an Apache Spark server that will deploy executors to an Apache Mesos cluster.

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Mesos Docker Container Configuration

Mesos comes with it’s own container technology which is pretty cool in and of itself but it also has the option to make use of Docker to manage containers. This opens up a lot of possibilites for your mesos cluster.

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Running Jenkins on Mesos

This post will walk you through configuring your Jenkins server to use a Mesos Cluster to elasticly use Jenkins Slaves running in Mesos. This has the advantage of using your datacenter hardware much more efficiently and you won’t need several jenkins slaves that could potentially be sitteng there doing nothing but costing you money.

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Configuring Mesos using Puppet

In a previous article, I discussed installing Mesos on Ubuntu the hard way. This is tedious work and is very error prone. In this post I will use Configuration Management with Puppet to make administrating Mesos much easier.

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Book Review: Apache Mesos Essentials

This is the first of many DevOps/Cloud releated book reviews that I will be posting. The first book is about getting beginners up to speed with Apache Mesos.

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Configuring a Mesos/Marathon Cluster on Ubuntu 16.04

UPDATE: My original post made mention of DC/OS where this post doesn’t actually deploy DC/OS, rather we deploy a Mesos/Marathon cluster. I have removed all references and updated to reflect what this post actually turned out to be about. I apologize for any confusion my original post contianed. I am very excited about the idea of datacenter operating systems and possibly jumped the gun a bit. Thanks to everyone who helped shine the light for me.

In this post I will walk you though setting up a Mesos/Marathon cluster using Ubuntu.

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