Building an Openstack Server

My first run at openstack at home was buying several used Dell servers (2 1950s and 1 2950). This had a couple issues. First was the noise. These servers had a lot of noise with their fans. The second was the energy cost because I had both redundant power supplies running. Given these issues I decided to write an article on how to build our a compute node yourself. If you’re building a lab then you really want your paower to be on the compute node, hence that is what we will be building. You can use a laptop for the openstack controller as this doesn’t require that much power.

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Dropped Openstack

Openstack and I go way back. I first started using it almost ten years ago at one of my past jobs. I loved the idea of an open source private cloud and couldn’t wait to stand up my own. There is a learning curve with Openstack and I had a heck of a time getting used to configuring it. I have found that I still spend a great deal of time getting Openstack installed and working correctly. It is usually a weekend chore. This post will go into detail why I finally made the decision to break up with Openstack and move on to something new.

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Openstack home lab for cheap

In this short post I will be covering how I designed and built my Openstack cloud for cheap ( less than $300 ).

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graphing openstack performace with graphite

This article will cover how to monitor your Openstack cluster’s performace using Graphite. Why would we want to do this? This gives us data that is easily read and interpreted so that we can make informed business decisions about our openstack cloud. This will be useful for decisions about when to add another compute node or if it is time to add more bandwidth to our networking.

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Installing Openstack Newton on Ubuntu 16.10 Server - Part One

In this series of articles we will walk through installing Openstack Newton release on Ubuntu 16.10. This first installment will walk you through installing Keystone on your Ubuntu server. In the coming articles we will walk through making an entire Openstack Newton system.

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